Trust Our Hormone Pellet Therapy in Delray Beach, FL

When it comes to sexuality, a lot of times the focus is on creating more interest and they’re trying to create more drugs for this and there’s a new female Viagra for performance, but in reality none of that really addresses the issue. Modern approaches allow you to bypass the interest part and go right for arousal. In fact, some of the products that I customize for clients work on two different systems. The love chemical system, oxytocin which actually not only increases bonding but helps the vaginal response. The second aspect is creating an actual topical sexual aide that is much different than what they are promising with Viagra.

Put differently, this has far more potency and based on what I’ve seen, this dynamic duo of using your love chemical oxytocin and Dr. Moricz’s Sexual Cream, has produced unbelievable results. Traditionally, we had done surgery, we were offering medications, things that were either high risk or caused side effects. But for sexual function, this has been a saving grace. How do I really know women love it? I know when their prescription runs out they’re back in the office looking for it. Interviewer: Dr. Moricz, my interest is certainly peaked. I realize that your systems are getting people youthful so that they can be healthy which is very different than traditional medical approaches that are trying to get you healthy in a very standard way. Are those traditional prescription medicines hurting
people’s love lives?

Dr. Moricz: A topic that often comes up is that people come to me and they’ve been placed on a number of different medications. Many have wondered, are all these medications causing issues? A lot of anti-depressants, what we call psychotropic type medicines cause an increase in weight. They can ruin the sexual response, basically numbing you. We’ve even gone further and shown that it even drops some of your natural bonding chemicals. So, these are frowned upon by someone like me who works with people in trying to jump start your love life. A lot of times people discontinue them immediately, but once we rewind them to their Hormone Pellet Therapy in Delray Beach, FL and retune their brain blueprint, they really aren’t necessary.