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How to Give Your Body Permission to Dissolve Fat “Like Popping Bubble Wrap”

popping bubble wrap

The following are excerpts from a collection of interview questions asked during expert consultations with Dr. Moricz and form part of Chapter 3 from Body Hormone Balance Revolution.

Interviewer: Dr. Moricz, just to remind our audience that two thirds of the adults in the United States are either overweight or obese and, further- more, there is an unprecedented rise in childhood obesity. Is this really the fault of the American public?

Dr. Moricz: There certainly are cultural and attitude issues toward eating, exercise and weight control. However, from the 1970s and ‘80s, the American Diabetes Association took a position on carbohydrates [sugars] that probably contributed more to the rise of diabetes and obesity. More specifically, it was decided prematurely that low-fat diets would be superior to the current dietary recommendations of the time. What this meant was that more than 50 percent of calories would be derived from carbohydrates, or sugar, to create a low-fat diet. It has been shown through weight management studies that low-fat diets have higher failure rates than almost any other type of diet. And for the purposes of our discussion, by encouraging increased carbohydrate consumption, the American Diabetes Association provided the seeds for the rise in overweight and obese adults.

Interviewer: So, are you in favor of restricting carbohydrate sugars?

Dr. Moricz: Well, first it’s important to define that there are different types of sugars [carbohydrates] that have different assigned glycemic load and glycemic index values. Glycemic index and glycemic load reflect how the body’s blood sugar will react when different types of these sugars are eaten. So basically, these numbers will give information to people concerned about causing unnecessary sugar elevations in their blood by helping them choose carbohydrates that are less likely to do that. Just as important is looking at other factors that may affect blood sugar levels as well.

First, fiber is extremely important since this might reduce the spike of the sugar after the carbohydrate is ingested. Next, the relative ratio of protein to carbohydrates will often determine how much of an insulin response is necessary to handle the sugar while still achieving appetite suppression. Still, the beneficial use of fats in a diet may actually help reduce the spike in sugar that would be much higher if a person were not to use any fat at all.

So, essentially, what is being asked is, “What is a ‘hormonal’ approach to weight management?” This is based not on calorie counting, but on what certain foods do to hormones, such as insulin. There are different ways of thinking about this, but consider this—there is a way to eat daytime meals that only minimally elevates necessary insulin levels three times a day—if at all. Put differently, there is a way of structuring an eating plan that may not require the body to elevate insulin markedly through the day and, therefore, avoid the regular effects of insulin on fat storage, while allowing stored sugar molecules to be used for energy burning.

Interviewer: For those whom are not familiar with your background and hormonal expertise, how would you describe how balancing hormones relates to weight control?

Dr. Moricz: I’m glad you asked that question. As you know, youth is perfect health, and when you are able to tune people’s hormones back to their twenty-year-old blueprint, weight management approaches take on a new level of success. That’s why I really believe that it is futile in many cases to even take a multi-layered approach without first considering returning people to their twenty-year-old hormonal blueprint. Because think about it again: When you’re twenty and you need to lose fat, you certainly can cut back on calories and add some exercise with some incredible results. Taking advantage of that blueprint allows this system to achieve this more quickly, more pleasurably, and with more long-term success. Without understanding the hormonal aspects of weight management, I think a lot is being missed.

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