How to Increase Fat Loss in Boca, FL


Think about this, if I were on a deserted island and we had no tools other than basic vital signs, I would want to measure your body fat. Why? And what you’ll find out in the next discussion about hormones is that when you have an excess of body fat on your body you are already in hormonal imbalance. Let’s think about it, when you were 20, if you wanted to lose weight you cut back on food, exercised a little and everything worked out. You’ll find out shortly why your hormonal blueprint is the basis of why everything went so much better. Interviewer: Dr. Moricz, sounds like you have taken a futuristic approach and applied it now to help your clients.


 Help us understand why, by looking at weight, pounds alone and not body fat, your fifth vital sign, that we are not only missing an opportunity but also hurting women’s chances of success with weight loss? Dr. Moricz: When we’re talking about Metabolism, there are a lot of different approaches but if we only look at weight and forget body fat then it gets really confusing. Another way of thinking about this, if I had Arnold Schwarzenegger in my office and he was put on a scale and put on the insurance tables … In other words, he’s trying to qualify for insurance, according to the actual data, his weight is too much, his body mass index is too much; basically, he has too much volume and he can’t get health insurance.

When, in fact, you calculate body fat which I do for all my clients, what happens is you realize that he has very low body fat and he has a lot of muscle. So, in fact, weight is very deceptive. Another way to think about it is, weight is the accumulation of what? You have muscle, bone, water and fat. So, if I wanted you to lose weight, not fat, but weight alone, I could dehydrate you like some great athletes do, they get into a sauna and dehydrate themselves but that doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Help Increase Fat Loss in Boca, FL.